Water availability applications will be processed within 5 business days. You will receive a phone call when the form is complete and ready to be picked up. Special circumstances, such as vacant lots, remodeling and adding additional square footage, property developments or commercial property may require additional processing time. Also you may be charged additional connection and square footage fees. This will be communicated to you within the 5 business days. If the request is for more than two (2) units, it will be presented to Fruitland’s Board of Directors for review and approval. Board meetings are held once a month, these requests may require as much as a 45-day wait.

Part A: Must be filled out and return the form to Fruitland by:
Fax: 253-845-5464 
Emailed: reva@fruitlandwater.com
Mailed: see the home page for mailing address

** If you filled out a Pierce County or City of Puyallup form, please transfer your information to Fruitland’s form and fill in the remainder of PART A. ** 

Upon approval, water availabilities are valid for up to 3 years from the date of the signature. Copies of all active Certificates of Water Availability are kept in Fruitland files.

Any questions please contact: Reva 253-848-5519

Remodeling or New Constrution
Fees and Charges

Download Water Availability Letter