More Ways to Pay!

Auto Pay - Payment is deducted from your account on the 20th of the month when your bill is due.

Credit or debit cards by phone or in person during office hours.

Checks by mail, in person or left in drop box.

Cash payments during office hours.

Please be aware of possible delays with electronic forms of payment, allow time for your bank to release funds to be applied to your Fruitland account to avoid any interruption of service.

 In the event you experience difficulty with the online payment please contact our office.

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Did you know that you can have your water bill sent directly to your in-box?

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Water Rates

    Base Rate Schedule - Per Month: 
    Meter Size       Sept. 2018
    3/4"                      $20.10
    1"                         $23.61
    1 1/2"                   $42.51
    2"                         $60.64
    3"                         $99.05
                                                        4"                       $154.39

Infrastructure Replacement:
$6.00 per unit per month
$12.00 per unit for two months

Unit Charge: per unit over 1, per month in multi-unit structures 
Sept. 2018

Surcharge Rate: per square foot per month - Commercial Accounts Only 
Sept. 2018

Commodity Charge: commodity charge is water metered over the 300 cubic feet per month that is included in the base rate. A unit of water is equal to 100 cubic feet or 748     gallons:

                                             Quantity                           Sept. 2018
                                            301-1500                              $1.73
                                           1501-3000                             $1.95
                                               <3001                                $2.15

Example bill: average residential water bill for two months 
Sept. 2018

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*Please note that we can only grant a leak adjustment once every three years and to only one billing cycle.  If your leak falls into more than one billing cycle, we will credit the largest bill.