Ted Hardiman - General Manager

  Fruitland Mutual Water Co. Board of Directors

                              Scott Duda - President                     Coleen Wise-Director                            
                            Tim Larson - Vice President           Dwayne Farmer-Director                        
                            Gordon Flath- Treasurer                 Marlin Horeis-Dierctor                            

Update On Water Use

August 13, 2015.  There have been reports on the local news regarding water restrictions and possible shortages. While Fruitland Water certainly  promotes conservation and using water wisely, currently the company is not experiencing a shortage.  Fruitland Water is a ground water system from wells and the majority of the shortage has to do with surface water.  It is possible if the weather pattern were to continue for multiple years the aquifers the company draws water from could experience shortages.  Fruitland Water and neighboring water utilities monitor these levels closely for changes and will notify customers well in advance if there are changes to conditions.
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