As​ you are aware, COVID-19 is having a major impact on all aspects of American life.  This is true at the personal, school, business, and professional levels.  On the public water supply side, we would like to clearly identify that there is NO indication that COVID-19 can be transmitted via a public water system.  In the unlikely event that the virus was even present in the water system, it would be killed within a few minutes of contact with the chlorine used to treat and protect the water you receive.

Even though the water you receive is safe from COVID-19, this pandemic has triggered Fruitland Water Company's emergency response plan.  As we implement our plan, you will notice that public access to the office is not permitted for the protection of both the public and employees.

With physical access to the office prohibited, you may ask about how water payments should be made.  In order of safety priority, payments may be made by:
--   ACH; automatic payments from bank accounts or credit cards
-- web payment page
--   Phone in credit card payments
--   Mail payments to our PO Box
--   Drop payments in our drop box outside our gates at the office.  Employees will be check the drop box frequently during the day

Finally, a few words on protecting yourself and family members.  Though you have probably heard this many times, here are some basic measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19:
--   Frequent handwashing for 20 seconds
--   Regularly disinfect surfaces
--   Social separation, maintaining at least 6 feet of separation from others
--   Minimize exposure to other people and crowds
--   If you or a family member are potentially sick, stay home and contact your health care provider via phone to find out how to proceed.

The spread of COVID-19 will challenge the way we all live our lives for at least several months.  If we each take reasonable precautions, we can slow the spread of the virus and give our health care system time and facilities to aid those in need.  Throughout this pandemic, as always, we work to provide you with a safe, reliable water supply.

​Stay safe.
Sincerely, the Board of Directors and Staff at Fruitland Water Company
COVID-19 & Fruitland Water Company's Response & Information
We are offering payment assistance for COVID-19.  If you need to make payment arrangements due to hardships relating to COVID-19, please fill out the application and submit via mail, email, fax, or drop off at our drop box.

Payment Plan Application